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Presenter clickers

Any web-connected device with a suitable modern browser will work with OctoCue. We've tested:

  • Apple iOS dvices (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Chromebooks
  • Windows 10
  • macOS
If you have a device you'd like to use that's not on the list, let us know.

Details on how to connect are on the Presenter Quickstart page.

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Presenters can control OctoCue clickers using keyboard button presses. The following keys can be used to trigger an OctoCue clicker:

Next command:
  • Arrow key right
  • Arrow key down
  • Space bar
  • Page Down
Back command:
  • Arrow key left
  • Arrow key up
  • Page Up

Many handheld show control devices on the market use these keyboard commands, so can be used with OctoCue. Devices we've tested are:

These remotes can be used with in conjunction with any PC, Mac or phone connected to OctoCue - although you may need a USB adaptor.

On all these devices, only the NEXT and BACK buttons will function - Show Start/Stop and Screen Black commands are not supported.

If you're planning on using physical buttons with OctoCue be careful when multi-taking. In order to react to keyboard commands, the OctoCue clicker window needs to be in the foreground (have focus). Casually checking your email and forgetting to switch back to OctoCue will result in missed clicks.

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Various presenter settings can be controller by editing the links you share.

If you'd like to build your own solution, or just need a couple of links, full details are below.

A fully-configured sample link (broken into separate lines for clarity only) look like:
&screentimeoutprompt=0 (depreciated - see below)

Options available are:

  • Required: code=a1b2c
    This is your show code, and links this presenter to your show. It's always alpha-numeric, 5-characters, and is not case sensitive.

  • Optional: name=Jo%20Bloggs
    This will pre-set the presenter name (Jo Bloggs), so your end user will not need to add this themselves. Note that this will need to be URL-encoded; in our example, the whitespace between 'Jo' and 'Bloggs' has been replaced with '%20'. Online tools such as can help with this process, or use our Link builder spreadsheet utility.

    If this parameter is omitted, the clicker will prompt the user to enter a name, or use an existing name if one is stored in a cookie on the user's device.

  • Optional: screentimeoutprompt=0
    Setting screentimeoutprompt to 0 (or false) will hide the footer message that prompts users to change their screen timeout while using OctoCue.

    If this parameter is omitted, users will see the screen timeout prompt until dismissed or interacted with.

    Update 8th November 2020:
    The latest update of our clicker application allows OctoCue to keep a device awake automatically, and there's been some UI updates to support this feature.
    The prompt bar at the bottom of the screen has changed - the old message
    "For the best experience, adjust your screen timeout settings - Instructions / Dismiss" has been replaced with
    "Stop device sleeping while using OctoCue? - Yes please / Cancel" Setting screentimeoutprompt=0 will still hide this re-worked prompt. However we recommend using the new wakelockprompt=0 option instead as it's clearer.
  • Optional: view=justButtons
    Sets the default view the presenter will see. Options are:

    1 - justButtons - the default button-only page
    2 - buttonsAndNotes - start on the combined notes/buttons page

    Note that this field is case-sensitive.

  • Optional: notesSize=20
    Pre-sets the size of the notes text (in px). The default is c. 16px.

  • Optional: wakelockprompt=0
    Hides the
    "Stop device sleeping while using OctoCue? - Yes please / Cancel" message shown at the bottom of the clicker page on load. If this bar is hidden, presenters will need to use the menu options to set the wakelock - it is not set on by default due to technical limitations.

Using advanced options with permalinks

All of the options listed above can be used with permalinks, but you'll need to omit the 'code=xxxxx' variable, as this is auto-populated for you by the permalink system.

A sample permalink (with ID: 'TestLink') would look like:
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Show machines & the receiver app

The Receiver App currently runs on Windows 10 64-bit (x64) only. Support for macOS is currenlty available for testing in beta.

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OctoCue has been built to support PowerPoint shows, but can also be used with the following:

  • Google Slides
  • Prezi
  • Canva
Using OctoCue with something else? Great! Let us know and we'll add it to our list.

Can I present a PDF file?

Yes, no problem:

  • On your show machine (the one running OctoCue receiver), open your show PDF file in Google Chrome
  • Select 'Fit to page'
  • Enter fullscreen mode (F11)

Chrome will respond to the same Page Down / Page Up key presses that OctoCue uses to control PowerPoint. Makes sure your Chrome window has focus!

What about Keynote on macOS?

We're currently working on our macOS Receiver App. Once this is available, we'll be supporting Keynote.

Update: The macOS version of the Receiver App is now in beta. Give it a go and let us know how you get on - get it from the downloads page.

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Probably. In addition to emulating key presses, OctoCue Receiver can output OSC, UDP and TCP messages.

Take a look at the Advanced configuration page for details.

Want to control something using a different protocol? Get in touch, as we are always looking for ways to make OctoCue better.

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OctoCue can control vMix using the vMix TCP API, and a common task would be to trigger a vMix script.

Assuming you have two vMix scripts named octocue_next and octocue_back, here's how to edit tcp.json (stored in %APPDATA%\OctoCue receiver\storage on PC):

    "useTcp": true,
    "localPort": 57123,
    "localAddress": "",
    "remotePort": 8099,
    "remoteAddress": "",
    "next": "FUNCTION StartScript Value=octocue_next\r\n",
    "back": "FUNCTION StartScript Value=octocue_back\r\n"

Note: If you're not running vMix and OctoCue receiver on the same machine, update the 'remoteAddress' IP to suit.

After saving your changes, restart OctoCue Receiver.

Take a look at the Advanced configuration page for full details of TCP options.

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Show control

Account management

If you've forgotten your account password, or would like to change your password:

  • Go to
  • Select 'Account log in' from the top menu.
  • On the account log in form, select the Forgot your password? link above the password box.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

Note that we don't have access to your password, so cannot change, update or reset it for you directly.

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If you need multiple OctoCue accounts (maybe for a large conference with lots of breakout rooms) we offer a multi-buy discount.

For every three OctoCue licenses you buy, we'll give you a fourth one for free.

To take advantage of this:

  • Setup four OctoCue accounts, each with a different email address
  • Purchase 3 paid plans (1-month rental, monthly subscription or annual subscription) for three of your shiny new accounts
  • Drop us a email to with details of the three accounts you've paid for, and the email address of the fourth account you'd like upgraded
  • We'll upgrade the fourth account for you

The 4-for-3 account offer is valid for as long as you have the other 3 paid accounts, and you can use this offer as many times as necessary - so you can get 6+2 free, 9+3 free or 30+10 free.

Upgrading the fourth account could take up to 2 working days - so if you've got a tight deadline to meet:

  • Buy all four accounts so you're up-and-running immediately
  • After the show, get in touch and we'll sort out a refund on the fourth payment

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