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The OctoCue Receiver app

OctoCue Receiver is a small program installed on every computer that OctoCue will control. It receives OctoCue data from our servers and uses it to control PowerPoint.

OctoCue Receiver is available for Windows and macOS.

Once setup and connected to a show, OctoCue Receiver runs in the background on the host machine.

There’s no limit on the number of receiver machines that can connect to a single show. Typically, a main/backup pair of machines would be connected to the same show, allowing for some redundancy while live on-air.

OctoCue Receiver is free - see the downloads page for more details, including installation instructions.

Advanced options

By default, OctoCue Receiver controls PowerPoint by emulating keyboard keypresses - PgDn and PgUp. Users can change these mappings by editing the receiver configuration files.

It's also possible to control third-party applications using OSC, UDP and TCP commands - this includes tools such as vMix, BitFocus Companion and BlackMagic Design products.


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