Hand control of the slide deck to any presenter, seamlessly.


Use the web-based show control interface to manage your OctoCue system in real time

show machines

Synchronise your main and backup PowerPoint machines, automatically

Built-in show control dashboard - see who's online and control the clicks.

Use the browser-based dashboard to get a clear overview of presenters and slideshows.

Active and mute clickers, control show machines and set countdown clocks.

Cross-platform support fits seamlessly into your show workflow.

OctoCue can control PowerPoint, Google Slides & Keynote presentations.

Presenters use our dedicated Presentation Remote mobile app , giving a polished, professional experience.

Secure and reliable.
Sensitive data, handled responsibly.

Your show may contain sensitive data - so we take data security seriously.

All OctoCue traffic is encrypted by default, and we have robust policies in place to protect your data

More about data security

Trusted by industry professionals:

"Even the least tech savvy presenters found logging into the service really easy and it functioned flawlessly!"


"Congrats on such an effective show control tool. We’ve standardized our offerings now to use OctoCue. Presenters love it!"


"We love your product – something we've been looking out for quite a while now."


"I have been using OctoCue across events this week and I have to say it's been really good."


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Professional-grade features for seamless presentations:

Native mobile apps

Give presenters on screen and vibration feedback, and stop their devices sleeping.

Countdown clock

Help presenters stay on-schedule with count-down and count-up clocks.

Live notes

Show live slide notes from your PowerPoint deck to your presenters.

Powerful invite system

Setup your presenter groups pre-show.

Send links or QR codes to connect presenters fast.

Visual and audio cues

Lets you follow clicks with on screen cue lights and audio feedback.

Click previews and click history

Preview clicks without changing slides, and see when the last click happened.

Show control dashboard

Setup your show, mute & activate your presenters, control your show machines and set your clock.

Windows & macOS

Receiver apps for Windows and macOS, supporting PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and more.

Backup machines

Run main & backup PowerPoint machines, and keep them in sync.

Custom buttons

Need more than just < > ?

Our custom button options have got you covered.

Advanced control options

OctoCue can output UDP, TCP & OSC, allowing integration with popular tools like vMix and OBS.

Pro-level support

Loads of helpful support pages and video demos to get you going, along with email support to get you clicking.