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OctoCue: a remote slide clicker for virtual events

OctoCue lets presenters control their slidedeck using any web-connected device.

Presenters can advance slides and view their slide notes from anywhere in the world.


  • Works with all smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Compatible with your existing handheld show controller
  • Controls PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides & more

Multiple devices

  • Multiple presenters can take control during a single show. Switching presenters is seamless.
  • Any number of remote presentation machines can be controlled simultaneously.

Presenters & event managers love OctoCue:

Even the least tech savvy presenters found logging into the service really easy and it functioned flawlessly!
Andrew @ LFPS, UK
Congrats on such an effective show control tool. We’ve standardized our offerings now to use OctoCue. Presenters love it!
Chris @ Bespoke Audio Visual, Canada
We love your product – something we've been looking out for quite a while now.
Gavin @ Remote Audio Visual Solutions, UK
Thanks to whomever mentioned OctoCue here a while back. I don’t praise products often but this system is awesome!
I have been using OctoCue across events this week and I have to say it's been really good.
Alex @

Simple button layout

Real time notes

Positive click feedback

seamless control

Get a professional-grade remote clicking solution, suitable for the biggest shows or the smallest breakout sessions.

Show control

  • Just like your normal backstage cueing system, but online
  • Set who controls the slide deck
  • Simple, clean interface with visual feedback
  • Visual and audio clicking cues

Show setup

  • Easy, intuitive control
  • Share one-click links for presenter access
  • Create custom permalinks to manage mutiple groups of presenters

Secure & compliant

All information passing through our servers is encrypted, both in transit and at rest. Data transfer uses TLSv1.2 links, meeting the latest PCI compliance standards.