Presenter quickstart

Remote slide control & live notes

Presenters can control slides using their own web-connected device. There's a variety of options available for this, but to keep things simple we're going to assume you're using a smartphone as your clicker.

You'll need an OctoCue access link, which your event organiser will supply, or a show code. Show codes are not case sensitive.

- or -

  • Follow the link provided by your event organiser.
If this is your first time using OctoCue, you may be asked to set your display name. This is used by the event organiser to identify your device.

Initially, your clicker will be muted. This means that your event team can see your device, but they haven't given you control of the slide deck yet.

When you're given control, button colours will change - see demo below.

Have a play with alternative clicker layouts and other options using the menu on the top right.

Clicker muted

Clicker active

Alternative layout

Other clicker options

Interested in using hardware devices, such as the Logitech R400 presentation remote? No problem - browse our support pages to find out more.